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Announcements - October


Church Office

  • There were 108 members attended the congregational meeting last Sunday. The voting results are as follows:

    1. Appoint the following candidates as deacons for 2024-2026:

      • Michael Chau (Agreed: 102, Disagreed: 0, Abstained: 3, Invalid ballots: 3)

      • Winnie Mak (Agreed: 102, Disagreed: 1, Abstained: 4, Invalid ballots: 1)

      • Edward Yan (Agreed: 103, Disagreed: 3, Abstained: 2, Invalid ballots: 0)

    2. Appoint Pastor Alan Yu as senior pastor starting in 2024 (Agreed: 106, Disagreed: 1, Abstained: 1).

  • Monthly bulletin including the summary of deacon board meeting and the financial report have already posted on the bulletin board and the church website. Please check out for important notices.

  • EM prayer meetings are held every Sunday at 10:30 am at Room D (the library). All are encouraged and welcome to attend.

  • EM Christian Education will resume today and 29th. Please join us as we discover the word of God from the book of Ephesians.

  • We will be conducting our annual Earthquake Drill as usual on an undisclosed date in November. This year, the whole church will participate. Details will be available later.

  • We are excited to let you know that EM will be hosting a praise and worship night on Saturday, November 4th, at 7:30 p.m. You are welcome to invite friends to come as we “Gather. Enter.” into the house of the LORD. More details to follow.

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