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Announcements - September 3, 2023


Church Office

  • EM prayer meetings are held every Sunday at 10:30 am in the church office. All are encouraged and welcome to attend.

  • WBC 101 is a program for those who would like to join the church through baptism or transfer to become a member. If you would like to join Westside as a member, please register at We will start the class and arrange a suitable time for the course when there are enough people showing interests. For those who are interested in taking WBC101, please see Pastor Gladys after the service.

  • The church will join forces with other churches of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada to host "Active in Mission" fundraiser with the goal of fighting hunger in the world. From August 20th to September 8th, 2023, we will be raising funds in two ways: Option 1 - Bid for skills or services; Option 2 - Sponsorship to achieve a campaign goal. Click HERE to place a bid or sponsor an active goal!

  • Today is the last day to collect special offerings for the Canada Wildfire relief. Please list "Wildfire Relief" when making the donation. Cheque payable to “Westside Baptist Church”. All funds raised will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross, and the federal government will also match donations.

  • 2024-2026 Deaconship Election

    • We will have three vacancies in 2024 deacon board.

    • Nomination Committee members:

      • Deacon board Rep: James Lai, Benjamin Mak, Joyce Yu

      • Congregation Rep: Dick Chan, Wondy Fung, Tony Wai

    • Criteria and procedure for deacon election has been posted on the bulletin board.

    • All nominees are to be approved and recommended by the nomination committee.

    • Timetable:

      • Nomination commences - July 16

      • Nomination closes - September 10

      • Publication of final deaconship candidate list - October 1

      • Deaconship election - October 15

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