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Announcements - May 7, 2023


Pastor Alan

  • EM prayer meetings are held every Sunday at 10:30 am in the church office.  All are encouraged and welcome to attend. 

  • Welcome all who are new to Westside. If you want to know more about Westside or our small groups, please get in touch with Pastor Gladys or Pastor Mark.  If you have not yet taken a photo and if you want your photo to appear in the foyer, don't hesitate to contact Daniel Ng after service. 

  • CitRUs Children's Ministry is now recruiting new leaders. Please get in touch with Pastor Alan if you are interested in joining the ministry.

  • Everyone is welcome to stay behind after today’s worship service to take our anniversary group portrait.

  • After the photo session, please vacate the Main Hall to allow the serving team to set up for the Anniversary Luncheon. Those who have purchased luncheon ticket please check-in at the reception in the foyer and check the seating plan.

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