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Announcements - December 11, 2022


Church Office

  • EM prayer meetings are held every Sunday at 10:30 am in the church office. All are encouraged and welcome to attend.

  • We have resumed accepting cash and cheque offerings, please use the offering envelope and put it in the offering bag during worship. However, donations through E-transfer are still welcome, email:

  • The church has a temporary arrangement with the owner (former Sing Tao) next door. From now until the end of December, the congregation participating in the worship service can use the parking lot next door during Sundays. It is for congregants attending worship only. You must register your license plate number, contact information at the lobby entrance and leave the car park by 1pm. Unregistered vehicles may be towed.

  • The monthly bulletin is now available on the church website and the bulletin board. Please refer to it for important notices.

  • The Church is now recruiting members of the First Response Team. If you have relevant first aid and medical care knowledge and are interested in joining, please contact the church office.

  • On December 25th, the joint worship will be held at 11:00 am. There will be baptismal and transfer of membership ceremony. Overflow seating will be available at the Gallery downstairs.  XP3 teens will also join the worship service, but CitRUs classes will continue. Details are as follows:

    • Adult & Age 11+ :$20,Age 4-10:$10,Age 0-3:free

    • Today is the last day for physical and online registrations.

    • Payment can be made by cash, cheque made payable to "Westside Baptist Church" or e-transfer to

    • For those paying by e-transfer, funds must be received within two days for registration to be completed

    • Registration is considered complete only after payment is received

    • Online registration received after tickets are sold out will be notified and added to the waiting list

    • Please do not resell or transfer your tickets privately. Any cancellation or changes, please notify the office immediately in order for us to arrange for the next in line on our waiting list.

    • Be green & bring your own dinnerware & cutlery!

  • The church will host a clothing drive fundraiser. All proceeds will be donated to Canadian Baptist Ministries community projects. The congregation can put donated clothing in Room G downstairs after worship service on today and next Sunday. Please put clean and resaleable clothing in a 26"x36" plastic bag.

  • Welcome all who are new to Westside. If you want to know more about Westside or our small groups, please contact Pastor Gladys or Pastor Mark. If you have not yet taken the photo and if you want your photo to appear in the foyer, please contact Daniel Ng after service.

  • The English Ministry will begin Christian Education starting in January.  We will meet on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month from 2 pm to 3:30 pm in Room E.  The topic will be "Being Alive in Christ - The book of Ephesians." 

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