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Active in Mission 動感使命
Stage 2 第二階段

Westside Baptist Church is excited to join forces with other churches in the Canadian Baptists family to combat issue of hunger in the world. 



Statistics show that a staggering 10% of the global population are going hungry. The pandemic, economic hardship, climate change, ongoing conflicts, and natural disasters are just some of the factors contributing to wide-scale food insecurity. Closer to home, 1 in 7 Canadians are food insecure. Food banks and other food-related programs served over 5 million Canadians per month last year. These numbers are expected to rise in 2023.

統計數據顯示,全球有 10% 的人口正在挨餓。 流行病、經濟困難、氣候變化、持續衝突和自然災害只是導致大規模糧食供應不穩定的部分因素。 放眼本地,七分之一的加拿大人沒有穩定的糧食供應。 去年,食物銀行和其他食物相關項目每月為超過 500 萬加拿大人提供服務。 這些數字預計到 2023 年還會上升。


During Stage 1, we invited brothers and sisters at Westside Baptist Church to donate their skills or services for auction, or committing to an active goal to invite sponsorship. During Stage 2   (between August 20 and September 8, 2023) , we will raise funds by the following 2 options:

在第一階段,我們邀請西區浸信會的弟兄姐妹捐贈他們的技能或服務進行拍賣,或委身實現一個運動目標來邀請贊助。 在第二階段(2023年8月20日至9月8日)期間,我們將通過以下兩種方式籌集資金:


Option 1: Bidding for Skills or Services 
選項 1:競投技能或服務

The first way to participate is to bid for the skills or services donated by our brothers and sisters. For each item listed, there is a base price. Submit a bid that is higher than the base price. By September 8, the highest bidder will win the bid. The winning will then pay by eTransfer (instructions will be given by then), and will receive the skills or services before December 31, 2023.

第一種參與方式是競標兄弟姐妹捐贈的技能或服務。 列出的每項物品,都有一個底價。 投標出價須高於底價。 到9月8日,出價最高者將中標。 中標者將通過 eTransfer 進行支付(屆時將給出說明),並將在 2023 年 12 月 31 日之前獲得技能或服務。


Option 2: Sponsoring an Active Goal
選項 2:贊助實現運動目標

The second way to participate is sponsor an active goal. For each goal listed, there is an accumulative sponsorship target amount. You can sponsor any amount towards any goal. If by September 8 the target of a goal is reached, we will contact each sponsor to pay by eTransfer (instructions will be given by then) and the active goal will be performed before September 30, 2023. Proof of completing the goal will be provided.

第二種參與方式是贊助一個運動目標。 列出的每個目標,都有一個累計贊助目標金額。您可以為任何目標贊助任何金額。 如果到 9 月 8 日累計贊助某目標的金額達標,我們將聯繫各贊助人通過 eTransfer 付款(屆時將給出說明),並在9月30日前實現該運動目標。運動員會提供完成目標的證明。


Please use the following link to check out all the auction or sponsorship items:


Photo Album: 



All the fund raised will be sent to Canadian Baptist Ministries to support their effort in ending hunger in Canada and around the world, such as:


  • Providing food in Ukraine 

  • Training on conservation agriculture in Rwanda 

  • Skills training and goats to earn income in India 

  • Nutrition workshops and small farm animals in the Philippines

  • Better farming methods for vulnerable populations in DR Congo 

  • Canadian food programs in your neighbourhood! 

We hope to raise $100,000 from all Canadian Baptist churches. Your donations in this campaign will not receive tax claim purpose receipt from WBC nor CBM. Please direct all questions to or 604-266-5602.

我們希望從加拿大所有浸信會教會中籌集 100,000 加元。 您在本次活動中的捐款不會收到西區浸信會或加拿大浸信會事工發出的報稅用途收據。 請將所有問題發送至 或致電 604-266-5602。

Click HERE to place a bid or sponsor an active goal!

投標或贊助運動目標請點擊這裡:Google Form 動感使命第2階段

Active In Mission 2023
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